Can We Make An Environmental Difference?

The world’s population is growing beyond belief. And, it seems like, with each new generation, more energy needs are required to keep us fed and entertained than ever before. Forget about food and water, our Ipads and other electronics are sucking down copious amounts of our precious natural resources to placate our insatiable needs.

Not enough of us are asking hard questions about the environment. We just cruise along, enjoying all of our luxuries. We assume that as long as we have the credit cards to pay for whatever we want, then its nobody’s business what car we drive or how huge a house we choose to live in. Our kids are inheriting a worn-out planet as a result.

I believe that it is becoming quite obvious that we cannot keep up this amount of resource usage much longer. Piping water into Las Vegas? Yeah, there is a reason that we are starting to see a shortage of water supplies, as well as drastic weather pattern shifts. If it continues, once fruitful plains will likely be nothing but dry deserts. Nations will literally fight each other for food.

I know it sounds depressing, but unless we make some changes, it will only get much worse. Already, we can see the worsening hurricanes and tornados. How much worse will it have to get before we make the necessary changes?

So, what will it take before our nations start returning to ecologically sound principles? Will we ever truly slow down and protect the roses?

It is starting to look like we make never see a change from our governments. It’s going to be up to the little people — people like you and me — to make a difference.

And we can do that in a variety of ways. Do you turn off the light when you leave the room? Is your house’s insulation brought up to the latest standards?

Perhaps these steps seem too trivial, but if enough of us are willing to take them, we might see a major change in where our environment takes us.