Advantages of Insulated Concrete Walls

Solar Electric systems?

Solar Electric systems?

Insulated concrete wall panels have been used in the United States for more than 35 years and are increasingly popular with both residential and commercial builders.

There is an enormous number of benefits associated with insulated concrete wall panels, including their durability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness (see sidebar for a complete list of benefits).

Insulated Concrete Walls

21st-century buildings need to comply with ever-aggressive building codes for energy efficiency and durability. The benefits to the building owner are lower operational costs, less maintenance, and a longer-lasting building. All of these attributes result in long-term cost savings.

LEED points

Through locally sourcing all raw materials, the reduction of on-site waste materials, and energy efficiency.

Quiet and secure living environment

Whether building a residence or a multi-story high rise, comfort and security cannot be overlooked in today’s market. Concrete wall panels offer the ability to reach these goals without adding additional expense to the project.

Quicker occupancy

Advanced building materials manufacturing off-site offer extreme time-saving benefits over on-site construction. These benefits include quicker occupancy which results in huge costs savings.

Mold, mildew & termite control

Concretes inherent structural properties, along with the placement of our insulation materials inside the layers of concrete create the most durable material against these elements.

Protection against storms and natural disasters

Regardless of the political debate over causation, what is known is that our climate is changing. Harsher, less predictable, weather patterns are becoming the norm. Fight back against these changes by building with better materials to protect your family, employees, and investment.

Fire resistance

By placing the insulation material between the concrete layers, panels allow the concrete to maintain its highly effective barrier to fire.