Solar Oven

Cook Something up with a Solar Oven

People keep coming up with more and more ways to harness the sun’s energy and put it to good use.  This alternative energy source is becoming quite useful in helping people save a ton of money on energy costs.  You can give solar power a try by using a solar oven the next time you go to cook dinner.

A solar oven or a solar cooker, as they are often called, harnesses the sun’s energy to use it to cook food. However, unlike active solar applications, which use a number of different tools to create energy, a solar oven harnesses purely passive solar energy.  It is simply through the design of the oven that it heats itself and cooks the food.

Many people are unfamiliar with solar ovens.  Here are a few commonly asked questions and their answers to help clear up the solar oven for you.

So how does a solar oven work?
The most basic models are pieces of wood, arranged into a box-type shape and then covered over in tin foil or in mirrors. When placed directly in the sun, these solar ovens will heat up to temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a perfect temperature to cook foods like meat and vegetables.  Some foods, like desserts or breads may not cook so well in a solar oven, though.

Where can I find a solar oven?
Tropical areas or in the Southern United States are going to be the best places to buy a solar oven.  A solar oven, though, is not too difficult to make.  All it takes is a box-like base and mirrors or foil and you can make your own. If you position it carefully to trap sunlight and let it heat up, you should be able to cook food as you normally would on your indoor oven.

What else is good about a solar oven?
Solar ovens help conserve resources. A solar oven only requires the initial materials required to build it, which can often be quite inexpensive. The sun’s energy is free, so there is no expense for fuel, electric or other energy source.  Also, solar power is clean.  No harmful fumes or waste at all.  It usually will not require any additional maintenance or regular gas inputs.

Solar ovens are a great way to save money and try out solar power.  You can easily learn how to use a solar oven.  After some practice you will learn how to cook like a pro.