Solar pool heating

Solar pool heating

People are starting to realize that there is a great need for alternative energy sources.  With energy use at an all time high it is only a matter of time before our current energy sources are depleted.  There are many forms of alternative energy, but one seems to stand out – solar energy.

Solar energy is renewable, non-polluting and free.  It takes very little effort to convert the suns power into energy.  The advancements in the use of solar power are amazing.  Solar power may not quite be able to stand up to the current energy sources for regular use, but for some things it is the perfect solution.  One of those things is in pool heating.  Solar pool heating is the perfect way to use solar energy.

Solar pool heating can be done in two different ways. One way you can heat your pool with solar energy is to use a passive solar blanket to keep the temperature in the pool high when you are not swimming, ensuring a warm swim when you do decide to take a dip. Another active means of solar pool heating involves an active solar pool heating system, which will work at times you specific to raise the temperature of the pool.

A passive solar heating system is the cheaper option. Many of these systems sell for under $100 and require no further inputs. A passive solar heating system generally consists of two parts: a transparent-bluish blanket, which is extended over your pool and will not only magnify sunlight, but trap it into the pool, so it doesn’t cool off overnight. The second part of a passive solar heating system is a crank or a reel, which is used to remove and replace the blanket.

What is actually involved in an active solar pool heating system consists of four parts: the solar panels, which are used to extract the solar energy; a battery block, which is used to store the energy used for the solar heating system; cables, which are used to connect all of the parts; and a control panel, which is used to manage all of the operations of the solar pool heating system. An active solar pool heating system can often be quite expensive and hard to assemble. However, with new kits appearing on the market, prices may begin to decline.

Both passive and active solar pool heating systems are going to save you a lot of time and money.  You will likely be able to set up the system yourself without having to hire anyone to help.  You will be using free energy so there are no large bills to worry about.  Additionally, you know it is a safe