Solar panels for business

Commercial Solar Panels for Business & Government

Why choose solar panels for commercial buildings? Businesses big and small are beginning to realize the impact that being solar for business has on their bottom line. From the grants to the tax rebates to depreciation, conducting business on solar power has never been more affordable. On your system installation, the federal government offers a 30% tax credit on systems put into operation through the end 2019, after which it gradually ramps down to 10% in 2022—making right now the time to invest in solar. USA is […]

What are Solar Electric systems?

Solar electric systems   Also known as photovoltaic (PV) systems, which are based on solar panels made up of semi-conductor cells that convert sunlight into electrical power. The panels produce Direct Current (DC) and in a Grid-connected system this power is fed into an inverter which converts the electricity to Alternating Current (AC). The inverter […]