Renewable Energy source

What are the types of renewable energy?


There is a variety of different types of renewable energy options out there; some more well known, while others are rather unpopular among the general public. Regardless of their popularity, all renewable energies share the common trait of being able to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. Among the most successful renewable energy sources are:

  • The wind energy sources and solar energy sources. They are considered very successful because many utility providers have pumped in significant funds in the research of these energies and there are many mega projects involving these energies that have been carried out globally.
  • The power of the ocean is harnessed through hydroelectric energy, which utilizes the force coming from the waves to spin the turbines in order to generate electricity.
  • Biomass energy involves the conversion of organic and plant waste into energy that is renewable.
  • Geothermal energy requires a site on the earth whereby huge amounts of heat are trapped beneath it. This heat is then converted into electrical power.No matter which technologies are employed there are some considerations with each.

What renewable energy to choose?

  • Solar energy requires placing the photovoltaic panels (PV panels) in areas that receive a considerable amount of sunlight all year long.
  • Hydro energy choices only work well in areas where there are sufficient sources of flowing water.
  • Wind power is not effective if the turbines are placed in areas that receive few breezes and almost no air movement.

Each of these types offers some advantages but they may also have some drawbacks as well.

Biomass energy uses organic materials like plants, but many argue that these require resources to grow. The seed must be planted, watered, and then harvested. Transportation is important because this often requires fossil fuels, and the equation may not add up to any savings in some cases. A number of landfills have started to use refuse in order to create alternative and renewable resources in this area.

The multitude of renewable energy options today makes it possible for everyone to utilize renewable energy sources. More often than not, solar and wind energy options are often the preferred choices because the widespread use of these has caused their costs to significantly reduce. Still, it is your job to evaluate the implementation of these options to determine which option would work best for you. With renewable energy becoming much more of a common choice these days, you should really try to embrace them!